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Synergy Education International Pvt. Ltd.

We are one of the leading Educational Companies in Central India devoted to designing and developing Skill Enhancement Programs for all age groups. A dedicated in-house R&D team and EDP division, panel of experts from fields of human development, child development, child psychology, gynaecology and paediatrics, all work together relentlessly to develop programs that would help children and adults alike, in realizing their true potential and be successful in life.

Our methodology of delivery of programs online is sometimes seen as futuristic, but we firmly believe that online methods are now belong to the present and not so much in the future.Even today a large section of urban population is using internet and this number is increasing each day. Given the benefits like being able to do things from convenience of home, no commuting, ease of use and being able to work according to one’s own convenient time, the online way is destined to be the way of life in the not so distant future.

Internet is now interactive and we use this interactivity to tutor children in the US online. The tutor and the child are in real time voice communication and they share a real time whiteboard. Visit the testimonial section on our online tutoring portal to see how effective this tutoring method has been.

Our online programs are structured and come with weekly lesson plans to make it convenient for the parents to deliver them to the child. Exhaustive worksheets and detailed content ensures unmatched value for these programs. Of-course assistance from our experts is just a phone call or email away.

Covering the age group from new-borns right up to senior executives, you can now use our training programs to learn from the convenience of home, at your convenient time and pace and quench your thirst for knowledge that you could not till now for reasons of lack of time, logistics and economics of commuting or maybe sheer laziness.


Though this may sound a bit clichéd but Quality and Customer Satisfaction are always our top most concerns. We are therefore among the very few educational companies that are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We take pride in International Quality of our products through stringent quality control and well defined processes. We also follow very strict norms on response time and resolution of any issues reported by you as a customer.

By 2018 SEIPL will be a brand known pan India for excellence in :

1. Innovative Education
2. Customer Service

and sought by the best talent
“A more prosperous India through right education, at the right time and through the right opportunity”